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Speaking Tour

Sunday, July 27th, 2008, 2:00 PM
Keynote speech and workshop
Kickapoo Country Fair
Organic Valley National Headquarters
One Organic Way
La Farge, WI

Friday, September 5th, 2008, time TBD
Visiting Speaker
Albuquerque Academy
Simms Auditorium
6400 Wyoming Boulevard, NE
Albuquerque, NM


Democracy Makers 

Tools for Learning and Action

Check out The Future of Food, Deborah Koons Garcia's in-depth documentary about the controversy over genetically modified food.

Anthony Lappé's and Stephen Marshall's award-winning Iraq documentary Battleground is now available on DVD.

Buyer, Be Fair:The Promise of Product Certification will be shown at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington, DC on March 16th, 2006.


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Stories from the Edge

Caffeinated Community Comeback: Small Ohio Town Discovers Power of Networking

An “Interpretation of Life” – The View from Emilia Romagna, Italy

Village Women Become their Own Bankers, Wowing the World of Finance

Citizens Play Key Role in Historic Health Care Reform Law

Breakthrough Concept "Responsibility" -- Imagine That!-- Becomes Law in Maine

The Sweet Taste of Success: former Trade Center workers start employee-owned restuarant.

Education is "A Process of Living and Not a Preparation for Future Living."

From Grief and Anger to Food Power.

Citizens Speak Out for Democracy in Media.

Democracy's Edge

Lappé's 2006 book Democracy's Edge exposes the threat of thin democracy, reframes the meaning of democracy, and gives us just what we need to get on with creating a real one.

early praiseeducators’ comments
& curricular materials

Part I: Living on Democracy's Edge
Our journey to the edge and the forces making possible an invisible revolution of hope.

Chapter One: The Frame
discovering democracy’s power

Chapter Two: The Long Arc
tracing democracy’s journey

Chapter Three: Power is Not a Four-Letter Word
reframing the big ideas that stop us

Part II: Democracy Growing Up
Outgrowing four beliefs that stymie us and discovering that power, even corporate power, isn't so stuck after all.

Chapter Four: Our Coat
new times, new measures

Chapter Five: The Elephant
corporate power and the shape we give it
New featured story: Land Stewardship
New featured story: Food Power
New featured story: Food Power
Important related news: Democracy Unlimited - Daniel McLeod Interviews Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap (Z Magazine Online)

Part III: Democracy as a Verb
It's not what we have, it's what we do! Americans seize the rewards of self-direction.

Chapter Six: Attention
economics & everyday life
New featured story

Chapter Seven: Action
politics and the inauguration of the citizen
New featured story
Related Lappé writings

Chapter Eight: Choice
the myth of choice and the taste of democracy
New featured story: Food Power
New featured story: Coke & University of Michigan
New featured story: Land Stewardship

Chapter Nine: Voice
the debasement of the media and the sound of democracy
New featured story
Related Lappé writings

Part IV: Democracy in Our Bones
Americans create a culture of empowered, connected people.

Chapter Ten: Learning
sharing power and apprenticing democracy
New featured story

Chapter Eleven: Security
the exclusion illusion and the power of connection
Related Lappé writings

Chapter Twelve: The Invitation
finding ourselves in democracy’s walk


America is lost in a gnarled thicket of bought politicos, corporate con men and media hucksters. But we're lucky: Lappé has drawn the map that will get us out alive. Read it and get going.
-Greg Palast
Author, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

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